An Exclusive EV Design Bootcamp & Internship Program tailored by the experts to get accustomed to Alice One. EV platform and transform your academic knowledge into hands-on expertise in the rapidly growing EV industry!

For the passionate and creative individuals who wish to stand out among their peers and are curious enough to dive into the electrifying world of automotive and modern mobility devices.  


120 Hours

Paid Boot Camp


This bootcamp takes a multi disciplinary approach in EV design. Using Alice EV Platform. Starting with Vehicle design, Battery pack design, E/E Architecture design, Embedded systems design, Software design, Rapid prototyping, Industrial design and hands on project

Internships & Training certificates at the end of course

Basic EV Design Module  

 30 Hours - Online

- EV Fundamentals 

- Vehicle architecture design

- Electrical & Electronics systems design

- Selection of components & integration

- Overview of Autonomous EV

Advanced EV Design Module

 90 Hours - Hybrid

- Includes Basic EV Design Module

- Detailed vehicle design 

- Battery pack & BMS design

- Motor & motor controller design

- Electrical & electronics systems design

- Chargers overview

- Autonomous vehicle designs

- Industrial design & prototyping

- PCB design, Testing, 3D Printing, Tubes & Sheet metal, FRP, Vacuum Form

- Vehicle & component level Testing & Validation

Vehicle Development Module

 120 Hours - Hybrid

- Includes Advanced EV Design Module

- Access to Design Tools & Processes

- Access to MDB Tools & Models

- Hardware in Loop (HIL), Driver in Loop (DIL) Designs

- Full Access to Alice One platform designs to build EV’s

- Industrial Project (4W Build)

- Product development toolkit for students, enthusiasts, professionals & startup’s


  • EV Fundamentals
    • Basics of EV, Hybrid, and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
    • Architecture selection based on use case
  • Mechanical Systems
    • Design & selection of of EV Mechanical Components: Steering, Suspension, Braking, etc.
  • Electrical & Electronics Systems
    • Domain controllers design
    • MBD to HIL  
    • Communication protocols
    • Wiring harness design
  • Motors and Control Systems
    • Types of Motors and Control Methods Used in EVs
    • Motor sizing & design
    • Motor controller design

  • Battery Management
    • Battery Characteristics, Sizing, and BMS Fundamentals
    • BMS design
    • Cell to pack design
  • Charging Infrastructure
    • EV Charging Methods, Equipment, and Communication Protocols
    • Charger selection & integration
    • Swapping designs
  • Introudction to Autonomous EV 
    • Basics of Autonomous Vehicle approach & Vision system design
    • Vision bases system modelling
  • Multi disciplinary Industrial Design 
    • System design & prototyping
    • Vehicle design & prototyping

    • PCB Design
    • Industrial design of plastic & sheet metal components
    • composites design
  • Testing & validation
    • System level testing 
    • Component level testing
    • MBD & HIL Systems
    • Vehicle level testing
  • Industrial Project
    • Vehicle design
    • Systems design
    • Vehicle & system integration

Who can take EV201


Engineering Graduate/Student (2nd Year or above)

Working professionals who are looking for Up skill in EV domain

 Mode of delivery: Hybrid


- Design SAE Baja or equivalent vehicles for events

- Up skilling & domain expertise in EV

- Hands on exposure to vehicle & system design process

- Placement & startup idea support

For college students, ​on completion of boot camp, hand picked projects & team shall be offered great opportunities to work closely with industry experts and industrial problem statements.

Why choose us?

Expert Team
Learn from industry professionals with years of experience in the EV and automotive sectors

Practical Experience
Engage in hands-on projects, from concept to prototype, building your own EV

Cutting-Edge Technology
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in EV technology

Career Boost
Gain skills highly sought after by top automotive companies

Innovative Environment
Work in a dynamic, innovative setting that fosters creativity and technical growth

Networking Opportunities
Connect with peers and professionals, expanding your industry network

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